Bedside Table Galaxy Lamp

Bedside Table Galaxy Lamp

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The galaxy moon lamp is scrupulously designed to imitate the real Galaxy in its true form using accurate images from NASA. It can light up the whole room with magic and excitement.


       Type                                        Night Light
       Shape                                      Ball
       Body Material                          ABS
       Light Source                            LED Bulbs (Included)
       Power Generation                   Touch
       Voltage                                    5V
       Is Batteries Included                Yes
       Power Source                           AC, DC
       Wattage                                   0-5W
       Size                                          8-20 cm in diameter


With an artistic wooden stand base for holding the gala securely. When the lamp is turned on, the entire Galaxy, in all of its glory, comes to life. You can put it on your bedside table, at your desk, in your child's room, in your living room, or anywhere else you wish the peace and soft glow to work its magic.

16 Colour changing mode:

Its colour-changing ability enables you to change the ambience as you like it and helps you delve into your imaginative world.

Gift The Entire Galaxy :

The Galaxy lamp can make an ideal gift for kids, science enthusiasts and adults alike as it is con- structed using 100% safe materials and is non-toxic.
Easy charging: Easy to charge with USB cable.
Modern technology: Made by innovative technology, with delicate texture on the surface, looks like a real moon. The LEDs consume less power and produce less heat, ideal for little children.

Bring mystery and romance with Galaxy Light to your home :

  • 3D Moonlight design brings you mystery and romance, suitable for many occasions. It is ideal for the courtyard, dinner table, pathways, parties, and cafes and can create a won- derful atmosphere that is beyond your expectations.

  • It can be placed at the bedside table, workspace, kid’s room, living room, or any place where you want the quietness and soft glow working its magic.